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Happy New Year 2012!~!~!

Wisdom Tooth…

Been months since I last posted something here.

Anyway, will be going for my wisdom tooth extraction/surgery later this morning…I really hate it but there’s not much choice really; given the pain I’m experiencing. It’s irritating and frustrating.


* P.S.: this is my second one; 2 more remaining.



Maybe, Baby…

Shooting for fun

Night view

Black cat says hi…

My first post of the new year, 2011.

Black Cat soft toy; free gift from YAMATO TRANSPORT.

Beary Merry Christmas 2010

One of my Most Favourite Christmas (Tree) Decor of 2010…

made up entirely of pink and white Teddy Bears!!!

Forbidden affair

Anna Sui “Forbidden Affair” Perfume


meiji Meltykiss Fruity strawberry [Winter Limited]

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