Rest and relax

Recent add to my bookshelf.

This is the Mandarin-translated (Taiwan) version of the original title, by popular Japanese illustrator/comic-essay writer, 高木直子 (Takagi Naoko). This translation also ranked as one of the bestsellers in a bookstore I visited lately.

I’m particularly drawn to Takagi Naoko’s works since I can easily relate to most of her ideas and topics. Coupled with the really cute, interesting and mostly humourous illustrations,  it simply created another excuse reason for me to laze around on a weekend afternoon, with a cup of coffee or tea and just enjoy her books.

* BONUS: LEFT >> book-sleeve of her earlier title (Taiwan version), which came with purchase of the book mentioned above earlier. RIGHT >> the book-sleeve of my copy (China version).

Being an avid fan of hers, keeping a collection of all her books (to date) is inevitable. Anyway, all are translated versions as I’m still struggling with reading Japanese.

My “mini humble collection” of Takagi Naoko’s books. Looking forward to the translated versions of her new works soon.


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