“For I have always wished there was no time limit…”

Happy make Diary

It might still be a little early but I’ve already gotten my Happy make Diary 2011 [Trend series].

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Cat pad

Cat Pad is the new Mouse Pad.

[available here.]

“Pets enrich our lives. Enjoy spending time with a cat.”

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Flash… drives…

My new 4GB-flash drives. Yes, I don’t really fancy plain/normal ones with dull designs.

Camera… cases

Pass case in camera design.

Digital camera case designed to resemble: yes, a camera. Comes complete with 2 (1 adjustable) straps of different lengths so you can choose to sling it or just hold it.

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セトクラフト SetoCraft ~Creators of Art & Craft~ (Since 1954)


Tissue holder with mirror.

Just one of the many (useful) birthday gifts for a very long-time friend.

Happy Belated Birthday on 14 August 2010!

Cute but practical

Plastic mug.

Pink kitty foldable mirror.

Cute kitty mousepad.

Cute pink bunny mousepad.

All from ARTBOX (Korea).

FOSSIL watch

FOSSIL Stella Brown Enamel Topring Watch

Was happy that I actually got to choose the design of the metal tin which houses the watch. Though the watch is the main focus here, I think having a nice box to keep it does matters too. After all, it is “home” to the watch when you are not wearing it; well, at least that’s what I think. I have the habit of keeping things back to their cases/bags/covers, etc when they are not in use in order to protect them as well as to preserve their “lives”.

By the way, do check out the Fossil Blog too.

Cute creative

“Strawberry and Apple” tissue holder in the form of a short-sleeved shirt; in my favourite polka dot design.

Cute and furry multi-purpose case (individual preference-based) in the creative form of a sneaker and in another of my favourite leopard print design.

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