Wisdom Tooth…

Been months since I last posted something here.

Anyway, will be going for my wisdom tooth extraction/surgery later this morning…I really hate it but there’s not much choice really; given the pain I’m experiencing. It’s irritating and frustrating.


* P.S.: this is my second one; 2 more remaining.

Please Support ♥

Wings of Humanity’ begins with the intention to appeal for financial aids from relatives and friends in view to provide support for the recent flooding disaster in Pakistan.

Please visit the blog for more details on how you can contribute your part and do join the Facebook group too.

Weird dreams

“The Grand High Witch is always on the prowl; watching & waiting, to consume my mortal soul… The soul which will strengthen her powers and preserve her youth.

The Vampire King, leader of the clan, guardian and lover of this mortal soul, leads his clan who are my friends, always by my side, protecting me from the Grand High Witch.

Deep in the night, the Werewolves howl. Our dark allies. They have finally come to reunite with us.”


After having stopped blogging for over a year or so, I’m back here again with a brand new blog. Haven’t decided how long it will last this time round but for a start, here’s something fun.

frappuccino blended beverage D-I-Y poster

Customized from here.

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