Heavy metal (tins)

More sleek packagings with cool names (and no, the tins are not heavy).


Get your Fix or Build your own Box of Mints.

Special pack

Classy candy packagings. Sleek and unique.

I have always adored nice things. The same goes for food packagings.

Peanuts VS Raisins

Thanks Angela for this!!!

Of snacks and candies

Pocky CHOCOLATE Dessert Custard cake of strawberry snack

Tried this snack recently as I was attracted by the sweet pink packaging. Enjoyed the rich creamy taste, though in this case, it might have been a little too sweet for my total liking.

Anyway, was surfing round for more on Pocky and came across quite a number of snack & candy review sites, worth checking out. Here are some which I personally like a lot: –

Candy Blog >> Reviews on almost all snacks & candies available in this world. Comes with ratings from “Superb (10)” to “Inedible (1)“.

The following ones are more geared towards Japanese snacks, which are my all-time favourites, given that I love (almost) all things Japanese.

Snack Love / お菓子 Love >> Ratings from “A+” to “F“.

Japanese Candy >> Visit the online store, “napaJapan” [Japanese variety store based in Sapporo (Hokkaido, Japan), specializing in unique Candy and Bento products].

Tasty Japan >> Reviewer, KELLY actually takes the trouble to list down the calories contained in each snack or candy she reviews. Makes a helpful guide.

Pocky Watch >> All things Japanese & Candy. With ratings as well.

Japanese Snack Reviews >> Telling you more than you need to know about Japanese junk food. Ratings come in the form of a sumo wrestler’s mood & expressions.

Sweets Blog >> Love how the blog owner elaborates on the packaging of each snack and candy she reviews, besides focusing only on the taste.

* Reason for this post: Simply because I do occasionally have a sweet tooth (which isn’t healthy for my sensitive teeth).

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