Maybe, Baby…

Flash… drives…

My new 4GB-flash drives. Yes, I don’t really fancy plain/normal ones with dull designs.

Of cards, tapes and fans


Girlie Style...

You should see the state of my mimsy.

Decorative tapes in different designs and sizes.

My cute mini portable fan collection.

Mini gift

From a long-time buddy who just returned home from Iceland. Welcome back and thanks for this lovely, cute little pen!

Cute but practical

Plastic mug.

Pink kitty foldable mirror.

Cute kitty mousepad.

Cute pink bunny mousepad.

All from ARTBOX (Korea).

Cute creative

“Strawberry and Apple” tissue holder in the form of a short-sleeved shirt; in my favourite polka dot design.

Cute and furry multi-purpose case (individual preference-based) in the creative form of a sneaker and in another of my favourite leopard print design.

>> Check out more cute and lovely items from KAMIO JAPAN
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