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Camera… cases

Pass case in camera design.

Digital camera case designed to resemble: yes, a camera. Comes complete with 2 (1 adjustable) straps of different lengths so you can choose to sling it or just hold it.

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セトクラフト SetoCraft ~Creators of Art & Craft~ (Since 1954)


Tissue holder with mirror.

Just one of the many (useful) birthday gifts for a very long-time friend.

Happy Belated Birthday on 14 August 2010!

Japanese Film Festival 2010

Japanese Film Festival Singapore 2010 | シンガポール日本映画祭 2010 | August 19-29

>> Film Schedule

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SuG with LM.C

Attended Sundown Festival 2010 yesterday night.

Main reason was to catch J-Rock bands, SuG サグ (though I had already seen them once in Japan before) & LM.C despite the “not-that-cheap” ticket price. However, my travel plan to Japan this year has been postphoned indefinitely, so, of course I just couldn’t miss watching them here since it is also a rare chance for J-Rock bands to even drop by; moreover this time round, 2 bands came instead of just 1.

31 July 2010 will be another date set for remembrance in my collection of memories. Thank you guys for coming over here!

SuG サグ

Love them for their bright colours and the energy they gave out on stage, which makes you wonder where did they get all that non-stop flow of energy from? Not forgetting, they were really cute.


I do think that maya (vocals; left) has a cheeky but cute look. In fact, he looked so good in real person than in photos. He was so lively on stage and active like nothing can stop him. Aiji (guitar; right) played real hard too. They really compliment each other well as a unit.  I am really glad I had this chance to see them “live” on stage at least once in my life.

** Photos taken from Sundown Festival 2010 Official Site, SuG Official Site and JapanFiles (LM.C).

Sad news

R.I.P. Daisuke [Daisuke Ochida] 大佑様 [ex. kagerou(蜉蝣), the studs]…

30/07/1978 ~ 15/07/2010

* following message from the studs official web site >>


尚、通夜 葬儀告別式は、ご遺族の御意向により近親者のみで執り行われます。大佑を応援していただいた皆様、ならびに関係者の皆様に、

To the fans and affiliates,

We regret to inform all fans and affiliates that Daisuke was laid to rest on July 15, 2010.
In respect of the wishes of his family the funeral procession will be carried out with his closest relatives only. We thank you deeply for all your support for Daisuke up to now. Our utmost and heartfelt condolences go out to everyone.”

Cute creative

“Strawberry and Apple” tissue holder in the form of a short-sleeved shirt; in my favourite polka dot design.

Cute and furry multi-purpose case (individual preference-based) in the creative form of a sneaker and in another of my favourite leopard print design.

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Fashion bibles

My Tokyo宿Harajuku Fashion Guides

Rest and relax

Recent add to my bookshelf.

This is the Mandarin-translated (Taiwan) version of the original title, by popular Japanese illustrator/comic-essay writer, 高木直子 (Takagi Naoko). This translation also ranked as one of the bestsellers in a bookstore I visited lately.

I’m particularly drawn to Takagi Naoko’s works since I can easily relate to most of her ideas and topics. Coupled with the really cute, interesting and mostly humourous illustrations,  it simply created another excuse reason for me to laze around on a weekend afternoon, with a cup of coffee or tea and just enjoy her books.

* BONUS: LEFT >> book-sleeve of her earlier title (Taiwan version), which came with purchase of the book mentioned above earlier. RIGHT >> the book-sleeve of my copy (China version).

Being an avid fan of hers, keeping a collection of all her books (to date) is inevitable. Anyway, all are translated versions as I’m still struggling with reading Japanese.

My “mini humble collection” of Takagi Naoko’s books. Looking forward to the translated versions of her new works soon.


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Chocolate love

DARS Bitter Chocolate. Product of MORINAGA.

Choice of White, Milk and Bitter.

DARS White Chocolate.
DARS Milk Chocolate.

More over at: Asian Food Grocer.

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